Jake Keenan

Available is a bio (bottom of this page) as well as the many pages of a citations library, which is a working resource for myself and a possible reference for anyone for access to salient passages from a number of books and articles. Below is a link to the complete index as well as links to individual pages of a quixotically organized library of quotes.

Citations Index

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Biology (BIOL)

Comparative Cognition (C_COG)

Constraints (CONST)

Cultural Studies (CULT)

Dynamic Systems Theory (DST)

Economics/ Material Culture Studies (ECON)

Epistemology/ How of Knowing (EPIS)

General/ Theology/ Love (GEN)

Language/ Communication (LANG)

Mind/ What is Knowing (MIND)

Networks (NETS)

Philosophy (PHIL)

Politics (POL)

Psychological History (PSY_H)

Sociology (SOC)

Subjectivity (SUBJ)

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