The layers in this website track a personal and intellectual journey since the year 2000 that began as a road trip to investigate epistemology and is now a search to find a clarifying paradigm for the nature of the living state. It is thus a critique of biology, of its scattered collection of data, and of its lack of a foundation to either physics/chemistry or to a meaningful edifice for how to live.

If you are interested in the paradigm quest for biology, try the blog posts.

If you could use access to citations from a wide diversity of mostly non-fiction sources over the last 30 years, use the Citations Index to see if your desired source has had quotations collected into the various Citations Categories.  Hopefully, this could be a resource to others, to you.

If you are interested in the personal-idiosyncratic journey, turn to the primary links for the different phases, including:
Epistemology Express – 2000 to 2004 (Warning: this goes to an old, frozen URL that appears uncertified but is completely safe because web service has frozen it against entry by anyone including myself)
Reality as biological growth of humans – 2005 to 2017 (Also, linking to old, frozen URL)
Attempt to create a forum/blog for criticism and renewal of biology – 2018 to 2023

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Overall, I would hope any visitor might be inspired by the rich underground of biological ideas that are straining to hopefully reach a new synthesis in the near future. And it is such a synthesis for biology that I feel is so promising for our planet’s culture. Living lies between physics and theology, but is now reduced to the impoverished view of the living thing as a sort of mechanistic jalopy set in a junkyard ecology albeit with a growing array of fancy chemistry. There are many intrepid explorers out there in laboratories, woods, and inter-species experiences probing the fabulous richness of living. Hopefully, we continue talking to each other to refresh our views on living as understood in biology and experienced in theology.  For a similar but more established view try The Third Way of Evolution website.